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Rent your own kayak or stand up paddle board today! Explore Kauai’s waterfalls, beaches, and landscape, from a whole new perspective.

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Single Kayaks

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Double Kayaks

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Stand Up Paddle Boards

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Rent a SUP or kayak now!
Starting from just $65

Kauai is known for its beautiful hikes and tremendous views. After your third or fourth hike or beach, most people are looking to switch things up. This is where Ka Wai Adventures comes into “play.” We are here to provide you with the necessary equipment to explore beyond what is easily accessible. Take your next adventure to the ocean or rivers and experience a different perspective of this beautiful island, as well as the potential to see fish, turtles, or maybe even dolphins along the way.

Why Rent With
Ka Wai Adventures?

Reservations are risk-free

Receive a 100% money back guarantee if you decide to cancel up to 24 hours in advance or if we cancel on you! All cancelations made by Ka Wai Adventures are 100% refundable.

Support local business

As a small locally owned business, we greatly appreciate you visiting our site and considering us for your adventures.

Free included accessories

3L dry bags are provided upon request, one per kayak rented. Straps and padding are provided, absolutely free. Just as well, life jackets are provided at no extra cost! We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for safety.

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