We don’t have an official storefront, like one may be used to. We have several meet up locations in the Wailua area, all within 3 miles, or less, of the Wailua River.  You will be contacted by text message 1 to 2 hours prior to your booking with the exact meeting location.  

Of course! We help you load your kayak(s) and instruct you, if necessary, on how to use ratchet straps.

Thats correct! We have universal and XL adult sizes, as well as sizes that may fit your children.

Life jackets, paddles, foam blocks, and ratchet straps are all included. We also have a map with written instructions for the Wailua River and we provide a quick safety briefing before you head out on your adventure.

Yes, we do! We include a free 3L dry bag with every rental. We also have waterproof phone cases and additonal 3L and 20L sized dry bags for rent, if the complimentary dry bag isn’t enough.

No, we aren’t located on the Wailua River. We will meet you offsite and typically within 3 miles, or less,  from the Wailua State Park Boat Ramp.

Offsite kayak companies are not permitted to deliver kayaks to the Wailua River, which is why all offsite companies will have customers car top the kayaks.   Our mobility allows us to meet our customers at the most convenient locations nearest the Wailua River.  We provide all of the equipment needed for you to successfully car-top your kayaks or paddle boards.

The paddle to the Secret Falls Trail is roughly two and a half miles. It takes an average of 45 minutes to an hour to get to the Secret Falls landing area from the boat launch depending on your fitness level and kayak experience. Once you have reached the landing area you will leave your kayaks safely beached and hike about a mile and a quarter, (approximately 30-45 minutes) to the falls.

Of course! When you’ve reached the kayak parking, just be aware of where you left your equipment. There aren’t usually any pirates on the river, but we still recommend you bring your personal belongings.

SUP fins can be easily damaged by running them into shallow, rocky areas. We kindly ask that you pull the boards out of the water mindfully to protect these expensive fins from being damaged. Mahalo

Ka Wai Adventures kayaks have been one of a kind in appearance, which makes them easy to spot. Our double kayaks are all camouflage blue with our logo sticker on the side. We have yet to have any problems with people taking the wrong kayaks or equipment.

Excellent question and one we would love to help you solve!  If you have a vehicle you can’t car top, we offer a truck rental option where your kayaks and equipment are preloaded and ready for you to drive to the boat ramp.  Call or email for more information.

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